Estia Thermanseis Ltd was founded in 1990 under the name Ch. Skarparis Ltd and originally entered the markets of electric storage radiators and air conditioning. In 1997 it broadened its activities to include the fireplace retailing business. In 2004 the air conditioning section was closed and increased emphasis was placed on the fireplace market. In 2005 it became a distributor of Skamol insulating/fireproof panels.

Today, Estia Thermanseis imports and distributes high quality and stylish fireplaces and stoves from four different manufacturers based in three EU countries. It is also the sole importer/distributor of ELNUR (Spain) electric heating appliances and boilers and the importer/distributor of Skamotec 225 calcium cilicate and vermiculite panels, which are used for protection against excessive heat and possible fire hazards in fireplace surroundings and in flue pipe ducts (e.g. in wooden roofs).